"SLOW" Classes

When life is too stressful and you're exhausted from all the multi-tasking, take a “SLOW” class and relax. “SLOW” stands for Stress LOWering and is a great alternative to the athletic, physically demanding classes on our schedule. These classes are a great addition to your regular practice. Use them as recovery days or days that you just need a little TLC. Some students will choose to take these classes exclusively to reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives. We have three options:  


“SLOW” Yoga is done in Studio A where the temperature is around 80 degrees. You'll flow pose to pose slowly with the focus on breath and deep stretches that will help your body let go of the tightness and tension that comes with stress.

“SLOW” Hot Yoga is the same type of class done in the high heat of the Hot Studio. Great for getting deeper into the stretches.

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