The Studio

Lehigh Valley Yoga is located in a large loft building at 1701 Union Boulevard in Allentown, PA, between N. Quebec and Sherman Streets.



Parking is available in the lot on the side of the building, where the entrance is. There is also street parking available. Please be aware that we share this loft building with other businesses that utilize the loading zones. Loading zones must be kept clear at all times. Be cognizant of the markings in the parking lot and do not block any restricted areas.


Studio Layout

We have a unique studio layout located in two suites on the main floor of the building. When first entering through the glass doors from the parking lot, follow the signs down the hallway and bear to the right to find the office, hot studio, and showers. All students must check in to class prior to entering the classrooms. The Ashtanga studio and bathrooms are located down the hall from the office and you may find it by exiting the office, turning left, and following the white and red squares on the ground.



We offer showers and changing rooms for your convenience. They are located in the office. Students who wish to utilize them should bring their own towels and toiletries.