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Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, this is how the Ashtanga classes are taught....

   Upper PerkYoga is the only studio offering Traditional Ashtanga (Mysore classes) in the area.

What is Ashtanga Yoga and what makes it different?

This is where you LEARN YOGA. You'll study the postures, develop awareness of your body and learn correct alignment by one on one attention from your instructor.

Ashtanga Yoga is a practice that links breath with movement and leads the student into focused, meditative state of self study. The series is taught to you one on one in a class setting to provide personalized instruction. This allows each student to progress safely at their own pace. 

         Ashtanga Yoga will completely transform your body and improve your quality of life.


You’ll become physically fit and strong, increase your mind’s ability to focus and feel less stressed in your daily life. Athleticism, concentration, and kinesthetic awareness will be developed. As a beginner, you will soar in an environment free of intimidation. You will move through the sequence under the watchful eyes of the teachers, with modifications given as needed. You'll see amazing results when you learn yoga this way. The primary series sequence is worked on daily (or as your schedule allows) until proficiency is attained. Emphasis is on alignment and patient, compassionate, individualized instruction. Usually this takes a substantial amount of time ranging from 6 months to many years. 

What comes next is up to you... there are endless challenges as you progress on through 2nd series, then 3rd... 4th... 






During the Covid-19 pandemic:


Currently and for the foreseeable future... the Ashtanga class is a one hour class based on the primary and second series postures and is fun, challenging and different each class. You'll be guaranteed individual attention and a fun, socially interactive and inspiring virtual class. Private lessons available for those who practice Ashtanga Yoga. Call for more information.










*To see when classes are offered, go to the schedule page and use the filters to select the style, day and time of classes you are interested in taking. 


To learn more about Ashtanga, click here.