Class Descriptions

Currently all classes are held on Skype. Led classes only.

Traditional Ashtanga/Mysore style class: It's a class that offers personalized, individual instruction with modifications offered as needed. This is the best way to actually learn alignment and proper technique, and become proficient. You learn at your own pace progressing safely, and building each week on what you learned before. If you've ever experienced the feeling of getting left behind in a yoga class, you understand how important this is! (read above...) BEGINNERS WELCOME ALWAYS!

Led Primary workshops: After attending Mysore classes, you will reach a point where you have the series memorized or at least have it down pretty well. Now, you're ready to put yourself to the challenge of a led class to speed things up! You'll learn a lot about the practice, the tradition and how the breath, postures and vinyasas are synchronized. Experience is required to attend these special classes.