Moon Days 2019




The time honored tradition within the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga is to practice 6 days a week and rest one day per week and on full and new moon days. We have always upheld that tradition by not having classes on Moon Days. However, we are finding that our students typically do not practice 6 days a  week due to busy lives and family and work obligations. For this reason, we have decided to post this calendar for your information should you decide to take rest on moon days but to hold classes regardless. This will give our students more flexibility to practice in our mysore classes when they can best schedule that in their lives. 


Friday, January 4
Monday, January 21

Sunday, February 3

Monday, February 18

Wednesday, March 6
Wednesday, March 20

Friday, April 5
Friday, April 19

Sunday, May 5
Friday, May 17

Tuesday, June 4
Tuesday, June 18

Tuesday, July 2
Tuesday, July 16

Wednesday July 31

Wednesday, August 14
Friday, August 30

Friday, September 13
Friday, September 27

Monday, October 14
Monday, October 28

Tuesday, November 12
Tuesday, November 26

Wednesday, December 11
 Wednesday, December 25