Preparing for your classes

Yoga has a long and time honored traditional practice. An important part of that practice is following etiquette to make your experience and your fellow student's the best possible. Following this etiquette shows respect to the tradition, the studio, your teachers and the students. Please keep these practices in mind so that you are sure to always make the most of your experiences with our studio.!

Studio Etiquette and Preparation

Preparation is an extremely important step to any yoga class, and exercising in general.  Below is a list of things to remember while preparing for class.


  • Arrive as close to the start time as possible for Ashtanga. And a few minutes before for other classes. Arrive a few minutes before 6pm for our monthly Led Primary Series 

  • Bring a yoga mat, if you have one. If not, mats are available to buy and a few are available to borrow. We recommend purchasing your own for cleanliness and so you can practice at home, of course!

  • Wear stretchy clothing that hugs or skims the body and allows for a wide range of motion. Test to see if your shirt rides up uncomfortably when you raise your arms up over your head. Since that is a much repeated action, you’ll want to wear a shirt that stays in place. You’ll want to avoid shorts cut with wide legs. Depending on the intensity of your class, you may work up quite a sweat, so bring a change of clothes for after class.

  • Wear layers so you can build the heat to sustain your practice removing a layer as needed, and then put them on again for relaxation as your body cools down.

  • Wear shoes that are easy to put on/take off. No shoes are worn inside the class rooms. You may wear socks, but not while practicing on your mat as they cause you to slip.

  • Cell phones MUST be turned off. They should not be turned to silent or vibrate as this causes your mind to become distracted during practice. Only professionals (M.D.) on call may keep their phones beside them on vibrate.

  • Remove jewelry such as watches and bracelets that might interfere with movement.

  • Bring a towel (for perspiration) and water for after class. There is no drinking during this style of practice. We’re working to build heat, and water is cooling.

  • Don’t eat a large or heavy meal for at least 2 hours before your practice.

  • Shower before practice. It can also help to awaken the senses and warm up the body in preparation for your practice. Please be aware of and avoid putting on heavily scented perfumes and lotions, as senses are heightened by yoga practice and deep breathing and you may unintentionally offend those students practicing next to you in class.

  • Bring a positive attitude, a big smile and an open mind!