The Vinyasa: practice, practice, practice!

Vinyasa. It can be a challenging undertaking. Ashtanga and our Hot Yoga classes are packed full of these and many people feel overwhelmed by the strength and endurance that they require. To those people who deal with wrist, elbow or shoulder issues such as strains or chronic pain, I suggest a substitute in place of the traditional vinyasa. Navasana, or boat pose is great for this. Just take your boat pose and hold it for the duration of the vinyasa. You'll gain lots of strength and keep your body hot, which are two of the main benefits of vinyasas.

For those of you who want to work on mastering this highly technical excercise, you must spend many hours of practice. The best class to work on it is the Traditional Ashtanga (Mysore) classes. You'll get professional one on one instruction and tips to gain strength in the upper body and core muscles that make the vinyasa appear effortless, like this student. His secret? A daily Ashtanga practice.

Sign up today for the beginner Ashtanga package. You get 2 months of unlimited daily classes in Traditional Ashtanga for only $85. It's the best deal we offer. The best deal in town!

Come join us soon!

Peace to you and yours,


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