About Upper Perk Yoga

Jacqueline Porterfield
Studio Owner

I warmly welcome you and thank you for visiting my site! Here's a little background on the studio:

From humble beginnings in 2004, my studio, Lehigh Valley Yoga  established a reputation for professional instruction and a warm, friendly community of teachers and students. Currently, I am the sole teacher and operate in the Pennsburg, PA area. All my classes are held via Skype, which has been a challenge and a great opportunity.

What makes my virtual classes different is that I only take up to 8 students per class. I devote myself completely on the individual student, giving personal tips and corrections and challenges as the students practice. You will always learn something valuable from each class. Yoga can be taught safely, effectively and in an inspirational manner even if we are all meeting online. 


I operated Lehigh Valley Yoga in Allentown for 17 years. I ran many teacher trainings, offered a wide range of class styles and was the only studio that offered Mysore style Traditional Ashtanga. These days, my life is more simple and quiet. I love my new normal which gives me time to enjoy my four grandchildren and time to devote to my own practice. I still maintain my love for teaching, but due to a scaled back schedule, I now offer only two class types. I teach an "Ashtanga Based" vinyasa which includes primary and second series postures, but is different each time. My other class is "Yoga for Cyclists" which is for any athlete who trains hard, or for any person just wanting to focus on flexibility. The majority of my teaching hours now is spent teaching for businesses. With so many people working remotely, it's a valuable way to keep employees connected and gives them a much needed break from the stress of working from home. If you're interested in learning more about this program, please contact me. I have very limited availability to add more accounts.

If you are new to yoga and considering starting up a practice, I'd love to meet with you over Skype or through email or phone calls. I have a special 3 week intro private session program I'll be putting together for 2021. I'd love to talk to you about yoga and how it can enhance your life. 

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