Yoga for Cyclists

Although designed for cyclists and runners, this is an all levels flexibility class and good for anyone who is tight in the back, legs and hips!


People who spend long hours on their bikes have some unique needs when it comes to flexibility. Whether you ride for fun and fitness, or you race competitively, you get tight, sore and uncomfortable. This class will target the muscles that become tight while riding, specifically lower back, hips, IT bands, psoas and quadriceps. We’ll also spend time opening tight shoulders and necks, giving you better range of motion, increasing the ability to look over your shoulder with ease while riding. Competitive riders will gain an edge by becoming more aerodynamic on the bike, learning breathing techniques for stress reduction and sharpening your mental focus.


Cyclists’ scooped forward position on the bike is not so different from the position long distance runners naturally begin to adapt on their runs. Runners typically are tight in many of the areas that cyclists are and will find that yoga can help then be faster and more efficient.


Are you a long-distance commuter or spend hours a day in front of a computer? Although you aren’t exercising during these activities, you are in a similarly “scooped forward” position creating discomfort from inactivity. You will be tight in your lower back and neck, like these athletes, and will benefit from taking this class as well.


So, join us! All our classes are currently held on Skype.